What is carbon footprinting?

A corporate carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions your company emits into the atmosphere. It’s the baseline from which you act to mitigate carbon risks, take climate action, and future-proof your business.

Why measure yours

Globally, businesses measure their carbon footprint. The question has become less about ‘why?’ and more about ‘why not?’

Emissions are expensive:

Carbon has a price to businesses, governments and investors; the UK hopes to reach over £40 per tonne of CO2e to achieve net-zero. Understanding where carbon hotspots lie brings you one step closer to controlling and lowering their cost to you. It just makes commercial sense.

It’s table stakes:

127 governments worldwide are committed to net-zero, and companies pledging to reach it tripled in 2020. With those pledges come regulations to ensure every company pulls their weight to help them achieve them. Carbon footprinting is the basic requirement.

It’s the benchmark:

From customers demanding access to transparent sustainability data to investors de-risking their portfolio, your carbon footprint provides the comparative baseline you’re expected to provide.

Why do we need carbon footprinting 2.0?

So carbon footprinting is a necessity, but its current drawbacks aren’t necessary. The typically labour-intensive task requires pulling information from numerous data sources, suppliers and disparate parts of the value chain, often taking many months to complete and involving multiple excel sheets!

Then there’s the accuracy of the data itself. The accuracy and completeness of a carbon footprint are frequently debated due to data gaps, questions about double accounting, and outdated emission factors involved in the calculation.

With all this, it’s no surprise footprinting remains an annual activity, but that comes at the cost of climate action. Results that are out of date as soon as they are published make managing, let alone reducing, emissions harder to do.

Our approach to carbon footprinting is different.

Carbon footprinting 2.0 is here.


Widen your lens

Understand the total footprint of your operations and supply chain


High precision accuracy

Granular details about your footprint with full calculation transparency


Actionable carbon insights

From a detailed carbon footprint to a net-zero roadmap


Your value chain emissions in one place

No business operates in isolation. Its footprint, including its carbon one, spans well beyond the obvious controlled assets to the depths of the supply chain. Scope 3, i.e. emissions from your supply chain, can account for up to 90% of a company’s carbon emissions.

You are considered accountable for your scope 3 emissions.

And, given that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, by automating emission data collection across your value chain, we make it easier to do both.

Smart Data Sourcing

Minimise the time, effort and resources spent collecting and calculating emissions data; we help you map out where to gather data from, then we take its collection off your hands.

Our technology can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, automatically pulling your emissions data from various sources on a real-time basis, giving you accurate, up-to-date emissions information at your fingertips.

Full Scope 3

We make it easy for you to collect data from your suppliers, giving you the whole picture of your carbon footprint because we understand the impact of scope 3 emissions on your business and the planet.

Gathering this data enables you to unpick the parts of your supply chain that are particularly carbon-intensive, comparing one supplier with another. Furthermore, our solution allows you to work with suppliers to reduce their emissions from one easy-to-use source of truth.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in one place with Emitwise
Numbers you can bank on, accurate data from Emitwise


Numbers you can bank on

Data gaps are inevitable. That’s right, we said it. From suppliers not playing ball to a glitch in recordings, missing information is part of the sustainability journey.

Our platform works to reduce the barriers to information across your value chain. Still, when the inevitable happens, a combination of our clever AI technology, carbon accounting expertise and proprietary emission factor database enables us to estimate and fill those gaps as accurately as possible.

Honesty is the best policy. That’s why our data collection, calculation methodology, and reporting processes are fully transparent.

Proprietary Emissions Database

Built by carbon accounting experts, our platform pivots around a unique proprietary emission factor database. Ensuring your access to the most up-to-date factors alongside a higher level of granularity and accuracy over your carbon footprint.

What’s more, our machine learning platform constantly optimises itself to become more accurate and efficient. Every time it digests emissions data, the technology learns something new, meaning that the accuracy of our calculations is continually increasing.

Auditable and Transparent Reporting

Everything we do is fully transparent and auditable. We can share as much detail as you or your stakeholders need. Whether it’s downloadable data trails or our calculation methodology, we make it easy to share.


Turn data into a net-zero game plan

Static carbon footprints are out of date as soon as they’re published; they give you a baseline to work from, but not an ongoing game plan for carbon management. Our software keeps you up to speed with real-time data flows throughout the year.

Whether that roadmap involves setting a science-based target, increasing supplier engagement or activating emission reduction initiatives, our platform makes it all possible.

Identify Carbon Hotspots

Remember, we believe in the three steps of carbon accounting, measure, report and reduce. Our dashboards offer more than a birds-eye view of your carbon footprint. We enable climate action with graphic dashboards highlighting carbon hotspots across your value chain.

What’s more, with a continuous flow of emissions data through Emitwise, you can track CO2 fluctuations throughout the year while comparing activities and suppliers alongside one another to better manage and reduce your carbon.

One Source of Truth

Goodbye, version-controlled spreadsheets. Set your sustainability initiatives up for success with one global source of carbon data.

Emitwise eliminates silos across the value chain, pooling momentum into carbon management and reduction strategies instead of data collection and deliberation. Plus, we don’t work on a cost by user basis because it takes collaboration to accelerate a company’s transition to net zero.

Net zero target setting with Emitwise

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