Why the automotive industry is managing carbon

Carbon management is the process of tracking, analysing, and reducing your carbon emissions to protect your business and unlock commercial benefits.

De-risk volatile regulation changes

Governments have launched ambitious legislation to eradicate the production of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The timeframes of this legislation are highly volatile. The UK government recently pulled its initial target of 2035 forward to 2030, for example. This unpredictability creates risk for all automotive manufacturers that are not proactive with their climate action.


Turn your supply chain into a selling point

With electric vehicles becoming the priority, scrutiny is shifting towards the materials used to manufacture them. The companies that are able to identify and remove carbon hotspots from their supply chain will take the competitive edge among increasingly sustainability-driven consumers.


Build credibility in a crowded space

The automotive industry has attracted $400 billion in investment over the last decade to develop electric vehicles – $100 billion since 2020. To capture investor backing in a crowded market, you need to prove that the products you’re manufacturing are more sustainable than your competitors’. This means arming your business with transparent, airtight emissions data immune to accusations of greenwashing.

Why is Emitwise right for automotive?

Automotive operations and supply chains are too complex for agnostic carbon management solutions. The Emitwise platform is designed for manufacturing companies like yours.


Where machine learning meets human expertise

The Emitwise platform uses machine learning to process data at the scale needed for complex automotive operations. But our team of carbon accountants – with over 100 years of industry experience – continuously review and refine your data.


Confidence in your scope 3 knowledge

Many automotive companies avoid measuring scope 3 emissions due to the complexity of their supply chain. Emitwise’s technology and carbon experts are specifically focused on streamlining this process to make you a frontrunner in this space.


Calculation methods tailored to automotive

Emitwise’s emission factors database has been carefully curated for companies like yours. This guarantees that the methodologies used to calculate your emissions data deliver accurate results you can rely on with confidence.

Make sustainability profitable with Emitwise

Companies that work with Emitwise have seen returns across three key areas:

  • Risk management
  • Revenue growth
  • Brand reputation

Watch our customers explain how the Emitwise platform has helped them profitably drive their climate action.

Embedding a net-zero plan into business operations…

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“We partnered with Emitwise, a leading software platform for running a world-class climate program, to measure our carbon footprint so we know exactly which parts of our business emit greenhouse gases.

Now we have the data and insights to build a net-zero emissions plan for our business operations.”

Jennifer Wong, Head of Sustainability at Convoy

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