Because climate change is happening now

For too long, companies have been unable to control and reduce their carbon footprint, because they can’t manage what they don’t measure. Not anymore. Emitwise takes the creativity out of carbon accountancy with an easy-to-use platform that accurately measures, tracks, reports, targets and reduces emissions across the supply chain.

Our commitment to people, planet and profit

Yes, you heard us right. All three can coexist and we make it possible.

Understand the full picture

Reducing your company’s carbon emissions may start with your owned operation, but it doesn’t end there. Our platform gives you the same level of detail, accuracy and insights across your supply chain too.

Break down barriers

Climate change is a universal problem, yet challenging it often feels exclusionary thanks to acronyms and carbon jargon. Data provides a universal language that makes reducing carbon accessible for every business.

Turn insights into action

Having all the facts and knowing what to do with them are two different things. Our platform and the targets we help you achieve align with the SBTi, the proven method for reducing carbon emissions effectively.

We know what we’re talking about

1 in 4 of our customers have set a net-zero target

85% of the emissions we track are Scope 3

1 in 5 customers have taken the Climate Pledge

Our vision for carbon management…

To achieve our mission and accelerate the global transition to net zero carbon management as we know it today must be transformed.

We are building this future daily, with every customer insight, machine learning development and scientific breakthrough bringing us one step closer.

Our Team

“Does it get us to net-zero faster?” The question every team member asks themselves at least once a day.

We believe the planet deserves more than just another tech company, and so do you.

Careers at Emitwise

Co-Founders: Mauro Cozzi, Eduardo Gómez and Ben Peddie

Our Investors

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