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Drive Sustainability with Data-Driven Procurement

Customers, consumers, and investors demand sustainable supply chains. Data-driven decisions are essential for meeting these growing expectations.

Explore our guide on creating a low-carbon, data-driven procurement strategy that aligns with your net-zero goals and meets the needs of both your team and your company.

How it works

Manage your carbon with confidence

Emitwise gives you end-to-end visibility and control over your emissions, helping you win business based on your carbon credentials while ensuring that the numbers you report are auditable.


Financial-grade carbon accounting

Our machine learning engine automates the processing of large quantities of data at once, with expert carbon accounting support throughout to make sure your final emissions profile is as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

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Make carbon-informed procurement decisions

Equip suppliers at every stage to measure, reduce and report their emissions, giving you the primary data to make smarter procurement decisions that drive net zero forward without compromising quality or cost.

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Uncover commercial opportunities

Generate detailed but accessible reports to locate every hidden carbon hotspot in your value chain. Use this insight to get ahead of future regulations and carbon taxes, find cost-savings in your supply chain, and attract new customers.

Reporting within the Emitwise Carbon Management platform

Become a sustainability leader with accurate carbon accounting.

Align your sustainability activities with central business goals to unlock new revenue, reduce risk, and build reputation as a frontrunner in decarbonisation.

Learn how to do this from our existing customers who have already taken this step.

We do the heavy lifting

54% of companies removed from the SBTi, cited Scope 3 difficulty as their reason. Emitwise removes those complexities, here’s how:

01 AI-powered automation

AI-powered data management and calculation allows accuracy at scale across your organisation and supply chain.

02 Carbon accounting expertise

Continued quality-assurance and support from leading carbon experts, giving you confidence in your decarbonisation strategy.

03 All-in-one platform

Centralise your emissions data in one secure platform, allowing the stakeholders you want, access to the carbon data they need for decision-making.

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