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Sustainability with profitability

Our carbon accounting platform enables you to measure, report and reduce the carbon footprint of your operations and supply chain. Unlock a world of business benefits today.

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Cutting-edge AI technology
Roadmap to net zero
Sustainability with profitability
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Cutting-edge AI technology
We provide the only solution that enables companies to fully automate their carbon accounting across all business units and suppliers, using artificial intelligence to track emissions continuously with precision.
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Roadmap to net zero
Our platform gives sustainability teams the time and tools to swiftly identify and tackle carbon hotspots, focus on planning cost-effective strategies to achieve emissions targets, and win stakeholder support.
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Sustainability with profitability
Our technology helps companies become sustainability leaders and reap the business benefits of aligning their business with global climate targets, maximising operational efficiencies, and mitigating carbon risk across their supply chain.

How it works

Emitwise empowers you to spend time on reducing your carbon footprint.


Smart data sourcing

Centralise and streamline the
data collection process with Emitwise. We work with your team and your suppliers to set up automated workflows, including scheduled data requests and system integrations.


Automated carbon

Once you’re up and running,
we use machine learning to automatically process your data. Take comfort in knowing our smart, auditable system enables your team to focus on building a better future.



Enhanced, continuous oversight of your company's carbon footprint allows you to track progress and identify the most effective opportunities. Empower your decision making using Emitwise.

Work smarter
not harder

Our software works for you.

We designed a user-friendly platform that breaks down your data and generates powerful visualisations, enabling sustainability teams to identify opportunities for improvement and effectively engage stakeholders.


Scopes 1, 2 and 3

Collect and manage primary emissions data across your value chain in one place.

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Targets & trends

Set, track and exceed your sustainability goals, including science-based targets.

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Sustainability reporting

Automatically generate custom reports to help you comply with auditing and disclosure systems like the CDP.

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What our customers have to say about Emitwise

“We work with Emitwise to continuously track our scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions. Their software eliminates the burdensome aspects of carbon accounting, from data collection to analysis and reporting. In particular, Emitwise has enabled us to widen our lens into Scope 3, accelerating us into a position as a packaging industry leader in carbon reduction.”

Clint Smith • Senior Director,
Global Sustainability at Pregis

What does
data-driven global
impact look like?

The Opportunity

What if all European companies were to cut their business travel by just:


The Impact

This would reduce global annual emissions by:

33m tCO2e
Equal to

This is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of:


Emitwise can make this a reality

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Ready for a change?

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