How do you align your company for net zero?

Three leaders embedding net zero into businesses share their learnings.

Ryan Wolcott
Chief Sustainability Officer at Pregis

Lee Beardmore
Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini

Mauro Cozzi
CEO and Co-Founder of Emitwise

Key thoughts

Just a few of the many learnings that we could have picked out from the webinar


Cross-functional engagement

“We underestimated the criticality of having our technology team aligned with our carbon accounting initiative. So in our 2.0 effort, we put all those pieces in place and had a holistic team working on this.”- Ryan Wolcott, Pregis

Meet colleagues where they are

“At Capgemini, we’ve introduced The Sustainability Academy. Its role is to transform an organisations learning, understanding and knowledge, to ensure that the right levels of insight are present at every level of the organisation, with sustainability becoming part of the ethos and DNA of the company’s construction.”- Lee Beardmore, Capgemini

Make it personal

“Showing people their personal impact on our carbon footprint was key… Then you can introduce a little bit of friendly competition into it. No one wants to run a facility that’s at the bottom of the ranking.”- Ryan Wolcott, Pregis

Democratising data

“So you have to bring data in, manipulate it and make it available to be utilised by every individual division of an organisation to fulfil their own sustainability ambitions, all of which feeds back into the company’s overall net zero strategy.” Lee Beardmore, Capgemini

Business Benefits

“Make it good for business. And then then, stuff actually gets done.” Mauro Cozzi, Emitwise


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