Why the packaging industry is managing carbon

Carbon management is the process of tracking, analysing, and reducing your carbon emissions to protect your business and unlock commercial benefits.

Visibility from cradle to grave

Only focusing on the low-hanging fruit in packaging emissions, like the manufacturing process or waste management system, opens up your company to significant risk. Up to 90% of your emissions are driven by your suppliers before your product even exists, or by your customers after use. Not being able to measure these indirect emissions makes you vulnerable to changing regulation and accusations of greenwashing.


Keep pace with customer expectations

A recent study of more than 1,100 US-based online shoppers revealed that sustainable packaging is now the key driver for consumers. Downstream players like Amazon and Walmart are also piling the pressure on suppliers to meet customer demand. The packaging companies that can’t prove their sustainability will lose commercial relevance.


Build trust with retailers and other suppliers

Packaging is a solutions business that needs to keep innovating products. To do this sustainably, you need to be able to partner across the supply chain to share materials, machinery, or transport. Building a reputation as a sustainability leader in packaging with strong carbon management skills will help you unlock relationships across retailers, suppliers, and even investors.

Why is Emitwise right for packaging?

Packaging operations and supply chains are too complex for agnostic carbon management solutions. The Emitwise platform is designed for manufacturing companies like yours.


Where machine learning meets human expertise

The Emitwise platform uses machine learning to process data at the scale needed for complex packaging operations. But our team of carbon accountants – with over 100 years of industry experience – continuously review and refine your data.


Confidence in your scope 3 knowledge

Many packaging companies avoid measuring scope 3 emissions due to the complexity of their supply chain. Emitwise’s technology and carbon experts are specifically focused on streamlining this process to make you a frontrunner in this space.


Calculation methods tailored to packaging

Emitwise’s emission factors database has been carefully curated for companies like yours. This guarantees that the methodologies used to calculate your emissions data deliver accurate results you can rely on with confidence.

Make sustainability profitable with Emitwise

Companies that work with Emitwise have seen returns across three key areas:

  • Risk management
  • Revenue growth
  • Brand reputation

Watch our customers explain how the Emitwise platform has helped them profitably drive their climate action.

Accelerating into first place…

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“We work with Emitwise to continuously track our scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions. Their software eliminates the burdensome aspects of carbon accounting, from data collection to analysis and reporting.

In particular, Emitwise has enabled us to widen our lens into Scope 3, accelerating us into a position as a packaging industry leader in carbon reduction.”

Clint Smith, Senior Director of Global Sustainability at Pregis

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