Carbon Conversations: CSRD- should I be postponing the effort?

CSRD reporting has been on the horizon for the last two years, yet with recent news, the question is, has that horizon line grown even further?

You may be wondering:
– What do I really need to do right now to comply?
– What should I be preparing for?
– Does my existing approach to carbon accounting suffice?
– What role will software play in compliance?
– How can I ensure I’m prepared for future goal post changes also?

Join us for a discussion digging into the current reality of CSRD, with carbon accounting experts sharing how best to prepare across any timeline to not only ensure compliance but really benefit from the carbon inventory you’re creating.

Carbon Conversations is a series of in-depth webinars hosted by carbon accounting experts from Emitwise that dig into the details of regulations, reporting methodologies and market changes that may affect your company’s decarbonisation programme.