Sustainability reporting without the hassle, headaches or hang-ups

Get back to taking climate action, not just reporting it.

Beyond glossy annual reports

There are many different reporting formats, from the regulatory required to investor, executive board, or internal team reports. One thing they all have in common, they lay bare where your climate hotspots are and what you're doing to mitigate them.

Is there more than meets the eye with reporting?

Whether required by law or public opinion, reports are more than a series of numbers on a page. They are a public declaration of your commitment to climate action. Sharing accurate, auditable information in an accessible way can set your company apart from the competition and protect it from claims of greenwashing.

A comparison tool

Reports provide customers and investors with an easy way to benchmark your climate actions with others in your industry. Plus, their historical nature demonstrates progress towards reducing carbon emissions over time.

Not a choice

Emissions and climate risk reporting is fast becoming a cost of doing business. From governments introducing climate reporting regulations to increased investor expectations, sustainability reporting is part and parcel of business as usual.

Building buy-in

When looking to build momentum around fighting climate change and acting on carbon hotspots within your company, it's important to establish a common language. Reporting can help with that, providing assurance and accountability to reduction strategies.

Making reporting more than a means to an end

Reporting itself isn't the goal. It's the content that you're sharing which matters. Yet often, set frameworks have teams bogged down in formatting, ensuring they've dotted the i's and crossed the t's across numerous templates. What should be simple simply isn't when it comes to manual reporting. A sink for both time and resources, reporting of any kind can detract energy from telling the story the facts and figures illustrate, the narrative that creates buy-in and momentum for tackling climate risks and carbon emissions. There is the question of the data you're sharing: how up-to-date is it? How accurate are the calculations? What's the best way to display it? Simply put, reporting can feel like a blocker to climate action, as opposed to an enabler.

Making reporting work for you.


Save time & resource

Spend more time reducing emissions than reporting them.


Reports on tap

Emissions data that keeps up with you and your reporting needs.


Results you trust

Designed by carbon accountants, our platform goes beyond compliance.

Save time & resource

Fight climate change, not reporting frameworks

There's no getting away from it. Formatting data for reporting frameworks is dull. It's important to get right, but not that interesting to do. We've worked on a few clever ways to make reporting in any format, whether it's regulatory, internal or customer-facing, a lot less time and resource-intensive.

The idea is if you get your time, energy, and, in some cases, sanity back. You can work to reduce your company's carbon footprint instead of reporting on the initiatives in place to do so.

Auto-populated reports

Shareable assets

Reports on Tap

Accurate sustainability stories at the click of a button

Instead of being an annual retrospective exercise, Emitwise enables your company to share emissions data when it's needed and with whoever needs it. Reporting is one way of doing this.

In our mind, reporting comes down to knowledge sharing; it has two purposes. One, to shape action based on accurate data and two, to track effectiveness and accountability. That's why for us, reducing your emissions goes hand in hand with reporting. It's more than just a regulatory exercise. It enables culpable and collective climate action.

However, reporting shouldn't detract from moving towards your company's sustainability goals which is why we've made it easy to share knowledge in a way that works for you.

One-click reporting

All-inclusive access

Trust the experts

We've got your back

Designed by carbon accountants with over 25 years of experience, Emitwise to this day remains powered by their expertise. That knowledge has enabled us to create powerful reporting tools that ensure compliance without the headache.

We take a hybrid approach to carbon accounting and, in particular, reporting. Our AI-driven platform enables the dynamic auto-population of reports. However, our carbon accountants continuously work in the background to ensure accurate calculations and numbers auto-populated in the reports.

Globally aligned reporting

Unique hybrid approach

More ways to use Emitwise

Carbon footprint

Establish the baseline to set your emission reduction agenda from, continuously measuring your progress towards net-zero.

Sustainable reporting

Go above and beyond compliance, share your net-zero journey with stakeholders and regulators the easier way.

Carbon accounting

Want to reduce your operational and supply chain emissions? Carbon accounting is the first step on your net-zero journey.

Creating the roadmap to net-zero...

"We partnered with Emitwise, a leading software platform for running a world-class climate program, to measure our carbon footprint so we know exactly which parts of our business emit greenhouse gases. Now we have the data and insights to build a net zero emissions plan for our business operations."

Jennifer Wong • Head of Sustainability at Convoy

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