CBRE Enters into Partnership to Accelerate Carbon Emission Reductions Across Global Supply Chain with Emitwise

CBRE, a global leader in real estate services, has announced a strategic partnership with Emitwise in a significant move towards a sustainable future for its entire supply chain.

“Decarbonizing supply chains requires breakthroughs in using technology and data in new ways to simplify the challenges of managing complex value chains. We are excited to partner with Emitwise to help our clients reduce their carbon impact and support our efforts to decarbonize our own supply chain.”

CBRE’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Robert Bernard

For Emitwise, the partnership with CBRE represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide real solutions for decarbonizing the world’s most carbon-intensive and complex supply chains. Scope 3 emissions reduction is all about collaboration, and CBRE’s innovative approach aligns perfectly with this objective. As CBRE joins Emitwise as a shareholder, not just a customer, the commitment to achieving tangible reductions in emissions becomes even more evident.

CBRE’s dedication to addressing Scope 3 emissions is geared towards actual reductions rather than empty pledges. They are ensuring suppliers have access to the data and tools necessary to realize their net-zero roadmaps, setting a new standard in supply chain sustainability with the support of Emitwise.

Our joint approach to Scope 3 decarbonization, demonstrated through Procurewise, enables suppliers to calculate their carbon baseline, easily report what they’ve already calculated or reduced, and identify specific areas to focus on for accelerating decarbonization efforts. Furthermore, CBRE clients will benefit from enhanced insights into their value chain, gaining exclusive access to precise and accurate data and high-impact decarbonization opportunities.

“Emitwise equips companies with the data they need to make critical procurement decisions that de-risk their supply chain in a world transitioning to net zero. We are thrilled to partner with CBRE on their efforts to reduce emissions across their supply chain.”

Mauro Cozzi, Co-founder and CEO of Emitwise

Our partnership in global decarbonization

Joining Emitwise initially as a customer, CBRE has helped us build Procurewise, Emitwise’s Scope 3 Supplier Emissions Management programme, into what it is today with prominent customers like Brook+Whittle, Grupo Antolin, and Boohoo, actively working to decarbonize their supply chains.

A remarkable domino effect is taking shape as our customers, many of whom are suppliers to each other, engage their supply chains directly. This real-time, multi-tier collaboration on Scope 3 emissions is leading to concrete decarbonization initiatives being implemented, with carbon data flowing seamlessly throughout the supply chain.

Emitwise engages over 10,000 suppliers to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for more than 50 million tonnes across their customers’ operations. However, the ultimate aim is to scale this impact to the gigatonne level.

Our approach to tackling Scope 3 emissions

For companies grappling with the complexities of Scope 3 emissions ahead of impending regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the USA’s Climate Disclosure Bill, our response is to keep it simple, focus on:

1. Good Data: Accurate and comprehensive emissions data is the foundation for effective carbon reduction.

2. A Scalable Solution: An adaptable and scalable solution is vital for accommodating supply chains’ diverse needs.

3. True Barrier-Free Collaboration: Collaboration without constraints is critical to achieving meaningful progress in decarbonization efforts and ensuring the programme is of tangible value to suppliers.

In conclusion, the partnership between CBRE and Emitwise represents a significant step forward in the global pursuit of sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. It exemplifies how innovative technology and data-driven solutions are transforming supply chains, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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