CDP Stories for Change

CDP Stories for Change

We were thrilled to feature in this year’s edition of the CDP’s Stories of Change. Alongside sustainability pioneers across several industries, including Avery Dennison, Firmenich, and L’Oréal.

By highlighting examples of leading practice, we hope to help other companies understand the tools that exist to support their climate journey, and to start taking action to reduce their environmental impacts.

One of the key themes coming from COP26 was that there remains a need for greater transparency, tracking and accountability mechanisms that ensure countries deliver on their promises, which includes companies. Quite simply, what is measured can be managed. 

However, the process of measuring can bring about opportunities to take action. More and more, we’re seeing technology playing an even greater role in supporting this process.

Emitwise takes a three-tiered approach to enable companies to ACT on climate change. 


Our skilled carbon accountants work with Emitwise’s machine learning software to calculate emissions accurately.


From accurate data comes actionable insights and a clear roadmap of activities.


Data backed progress towards targets can easily be shared in a way every stakeholder understands.

You can read the CDP’s 2021 stories for change here.