The Expert’s Guide to Setting Science-Based Targets


A whopping 79% of corporate executives surveyed have experienced a significant boost in their company’s brand reputation by committing to a Science Based Target.

With regulatory and customer demands for sustainability intensifying, aligning your company with net-zero goals and earning recognition for your emission reduction efforts is good for business.

By adopting Science Based Targets, you’re not only responding to external pressures but also proactively shaping a realistic and sustainable future for your business.

Hosted by founding member of the Carbon Accounting Alliance and Climate Solutions Lead at Emitwise, Lizzy Almond, this webinar dives deep into what it takes to set a verifiable Science Based Target:

– What is a science-based target?
– The 7 reasons your board will agree that setting an SBT is business critical
– Practical steps for setting your own science-based targets

This is your chance to lead your company toward an achievable net zero future.

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the field.

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Your speakers

Lizzy Almond
Climate Solutions Lead and Carbon Accounting Alliance Member

She has over 5 years of carbon accounting experience, and is at the forefront of advocating for legislation, accountability, and driving positive change in carbon accounting.

Tom Wood
Head of Carbon Accounting at Emitwise

Tom is a Climate Risk & Sustainability expert (C.Env) around GHG assessments, net zero strategy, climate risk and opportunity assessment, CDP alignment and resource efficiency.