Carbon Conversations: Supplying the goods in a time of CBAM

This two-sided discussion reviews CBAM through the lens of those importing the goods and the suppliers creating them. By understanding the full picture, all supply chain components can work together to ensure compliance.

So whether you’re new to CBAM or you already have the wheels in motion, this ‘CBAM 101’ discussion gets you up to speed with the latest developments, answering questions like:

– What exactly is CBAM?
– Just who is affected?
– Why does CBAM require me to act now and not wait for tomorrow?
– What does it take to be data-ready?
– How can technology help align action across my supply chain?

Carbon Conversations is a series of in-depth webinars hosted by carbon accounting experts from Emitwise. The webinars explore the details of regulations, reporting methodologies, and market changes that may affect your company’s decarbonisation programme.