Sedex x Emitwise– Unlocking Sustainability: Is There a Silver Bullet for Full Supply Chain Transparency?

Supply chain transparency- the art of knowing exactly what’s happening in your supply chain, paired with the science of having the data to substantiate your understanding and the actions you’ll take to manage risks.

Sustainable supply chains are becoming a global business priority, with increasing regulations, public scrutiny, and financial implications attached to not eliminating blindspots. Can one solution allow you to do it all and take control of your supply chain’s sustainability with certainty?

Join Emitwise and Sedex, two leading sustainability platforms, as we openly discuss:
– What does it mean to have a compliant and transparent supply chain in 2024?
– What should you look for when searching for a silver bullet solution? And does one even exist?
– What matters more, breadth or depth of understanding, or can the two coexist?

This webinar combines a presentation and panel discussion and is for anyone looking to accelerate their sustainability programme in 2024 by focusing on the actions of their supply chain partners.