How to Run a Data-driven Sustainable Procurement Strategy.

The Practical Guide to Purchasing your Way to Net Zero (No Offsets Needed)

It’s not news to you that customers, consumers, and investors focus on sustainable supply chains and that expectations are ever-growing. But in our experience working with sustainable procurement teams, one thing is constant: the need for data-driven decisions.

This guide delves into what it really means to have a data-driven, low-carbon procurement strategy aligned with your net zero goals. A strategy that considers both the individual needs of the teams involved and the broader company necessities.

Download to learn more on:

  • Scope 3 emissions
  • What’s the point of a sustainable procurement strategy?
  • Why now and not tomorrow?
  • What decision-ready data looks like, and how to gather it.
  • The do’s and don’ts of engaging suppliers
  • What role does technology play in decarbonising supply chains?
  • A real-world example of how to get Scope 3 emissions management right

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