Drive for decarbonisation demands carbon management strategies learn from financial management

Emitwise was featured within the CDP Stories of Change for the work we’ve been doing with HH Global, Thrace Group and Thomas Foods International to make their carbon accounting financial grade.

Carbon emissions are increasingly regulated and scrutinized similarly to financial data, requiring companies to have robust carbon data for compliance and strategic decision-making.

Setting ambitious climate targets and democratizing carbon management are crucial for successful decarbonization. Companies can prioritize efforts and make informed decisions by managing carbon data effectively and leveraging sustainability as a core business agenda.

Simple steps to take:

  • Introduce emissions KPIs to make carbon management and reductions a company-wide responsibility.
  • Effectively prioritize reduction initiatives by increasing the accuracy of your carbon data and granular understanding of hotspots.
  • Build emissions into your company’s financial management to ensure compliance and accelerate your company’s climate agenda.

Decarbonization should be approached with the same rigour as financial management, and embedding carbon into financial planning is essential for responsible climate action.