How can the 2023 emissions reporting season be easier?

Our carbon accounting platform will be accountable for delivering an accurate CDP report you can count on, in half the time.

We have experience helping companies with complex supply chains improve their carbon accounting effort and accuracy, leading to better decision-making and improved CDP scores. Watch our recent CDP Bitesize webinar to discover why accuracy is the only credible route to net zero.

Join the 18,000+ companies reporting to the CDP in 2023

The key dates you need to know

1 in 5 of our customers report to the CDP

As a Gold Accredited Provider with the CDP, and having worked with a number of reporting companies and their complex supply chains, we’re adept at ensuring submissions are:

  • Accurate
  • Credible
  • Score maximised

Why is ‘close enough’ not good enough?

Speak with our team today about how we can help you increase your CDP score, reduce the time it takes to report and increase the accuracy of your carbon data beyond reporting season.

Benefits that go beyond the reporting period

Improving your CDP score requires firm carbon data and calculation foundations. And so does achieving net zero. Emitwise is with you for the long haul.


Centralised emissions database

We’ll support you in collecting carbon data across all GHG Protocol categories. Doing so gives you a complete understanding of your company’s carbon footprint, enabling you to report accurately on your emissions and make effective decisions to reduce them.

Removing Scope 3 blindspots

Often an area of weakness in CDP reporting, and a challenging blindspot preventing companies from reducing emissions at the necessary rate, we can help you take control of Scope 3 emissions

Audit level transparency

Carbon has a financial cost, and for that reason, your carbon accounts need to withstand a full audit. Meaning clear and consistent calculation methods, appropriate emission factor attribution and complete coverage are necessary.

Data-backed decisions

Scrutiny is part and parcel of delivering on a net zero strategy. Imagine being able to answer investors, regulators or customers’ questions with the confidence that you have accurate, financial-grade data backing up your decisions and their impact.

Ability to pivot

No two businesses have the exact roadmap to zero, and the path you start on is likely to change as technology develops and learnings increase. Trusting the data that tells you to swerve is critical to remaining to achieve the goal successfully.

Don’t just take our word for it