Does your carbon accounting stand up to scrutiny?

Watch our latest webinar with the CDP that details how increasing the accuracy of your carbon data is the only credible route to net zero.


You’re in the top 5% of the automotive industry.

How do you stay there?

The automotive sector has been forced by regulations and customer pressure to respond to climate change more rapidly than others, yet the industry accounts for less than 5% of all science-aligned emission reduction commitments. How do you maintain the credibility of taking carbon seriously?

Data-backed decisions

Audit-level transparency

Ability to pivot

Scrutiny is part and parcel of delivering on a net zero strategy. Imagine being able to answer investors, regulators or customers’ questions with the confidence that you have accurate, financial-grade data backing up your decisions and their impact.

Carbon has a financial cost, and for that reason, your carbon accounts need to withstand a full audit. Meaning clear and consistent calculation methods, appropriate emission factor attribution and complete coverage are necessary.

No two businesses have the exact roadmap to zero, and the path you start on is likely to change as technology develops and learnings increase. Trusting the data that tells you to swerve is critical to remaining to achieve the goal successfully.

Do you want your company to take its carbon management as seriously as its financial management? We can help.

We’ll be accountable for your carbon like we are for theirs.

Why automotive companies choose Emitwise to deliver accuracy



We understand the nuances of global automotive supply chains comprising thousands of suppliers. We can help you map and secure the data needed for your carbon accounts.


With access to industry-specific emission factor databases, our platform locates the right and most timely emission factors, not simply the easiest to find, increasing the accuracy of your calculations.


We go beyond spend data, deepening the understanding of all three scopes and removing emission blindspots throughout your value chain. We can facilitate supplier engagement programs to secure primary data that will propel your carbon reduction strategy.


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