Empower suppliers to help you hit your targets

Decarbonisation takes collaboration, and as a sustainability leader, you’ve likely already experienced how many actors it takes to move the dial on emissions.

As your focus moves to Scope 3 and tackling the majority of your emissions, suppliers become a necessary factor. A successful supply chain management programme looks to empower suppliers at every stage of their sustainability journey to act on reducing their own carbon footprint. Without that, net zero remains an elusive concept rather than a reality.

When done successfully…

The benefits of effective supply chain management are vast, but here’s some of the leading indicators you are getting it right.

Data-informed decisions

Empower your C-suite, procurement, and sustainability teams to allocate resources and make decarbonisation decisions based on complete supply chain data.


Affordable decarbonisation

Reduce emissions at a lower cost, and with greater longevity, than offsetting. Limit the possibility of greenwashing claims.


Grow low-carbon revenues

Identify opportunities for products and services that align with others’ net zero ambitions that can be sold at a premium.


Get credit for your work

Showcase your Scope 3 emissions management to protect your brand and demonstrate real climate action to customers, investors, regulators and frameworks such as the CDP and SBTi.


Mitigate supply chain risks

With a clear action plan for reducing hotspots, identify problems before they arise and resolve them with suppliers bought into mutual climate goals.



For business growth that doesn’t cost the earth

Understand if your decarbonisation programme is on track

Enrich your carbon accounts with supplier-specific emission factors

Embed low carbon procurement decisions

Supplier-centric emissions management

We’ve built a supply chain emissions management platform that has suppliers at its heart because their climate action makes net zero your reality.

Introducing the Procurewise approach:

Screen Understand where to focus

Learn what progress your suppliers have made towards decarbonisation, without asking them for information. Prioritise carbon hotspots and collaborate with key suppliers to achieve your decarbonisation targets.

Screen your supply chain
Procurewise centralises public and private information on your supplier’s progress to reduce emissions – including reported Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, public reduction targets and pledges made.

Are you on track?
Visualise how your suppliers’ current rate of action to reduce their emissions contributes toward or detracts from your net zero target timeline.

Identify supply chain risks
Break the data down by supplier, industry and location to highlight hotspots requiring deeper engagement and focus.

Engage & Calculate Accelerate your climate action

Meet your suppliers wherever they are in their own decarbonisation journey. Clearly signal your mission and build the momentum to achieve it by standardising how they calculate and share emissions with you.

Directly engage without the hassle
Procurewise takes the hassle out of crafting engaging copy and educational content tailored to suppliers of varying decarbonisation maturity. From webinars to emails, build a campaign tailored to your ambitions and leave the details of delivering it to us.

Enable every supplier to collaborate
Procurewise provides your suppliers with a zero-cost opportunity to get a Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions inventory calculated, increasing your primary data coverage while standardising the accounting methodology.

Mutually beneficial for suppliers
Procurewise combats supplier fatigue by keeping the asks to a minimum and tailoring engagement based on the supplier’s maturity. In return, suppliers can benchmark their efforts and gain a full overview of their carbon footprint.

Act Evidence your decarbonisation efforts

Enrich your Scope 3 emissions inventory, and increase the accuracy of your carbon accounting with supplier-specific emission factors, empowering your procurement team to make low-carbon purchasing decisions that accelerate your company towards your targets.

Enriched carbon accounts
Incorporate supplier-specific emission factors into your own emissions inventory for greater granularity in decision-making and reporting to investors, and customers while increasing your CDP score.

Account for uncertainty
Procurewise provides a data-quality assessment of any supplier emission factor created so that you can understand the reliability of that information and isolate where more accurate data is needed to lower uncertainty.

Procure wisely
Compare the carbon intensity of your suppliers and track the decisions made to collaborate and reduce emissions or to switch to a low-carbon alternative.

Make net zero a possibility

We’ll work together to build a supplier engagement package that’s right for you.

Decarbonising supply chains requires breakthroughs in using technology and data in new ways to simplify the challenges of managing complex value chains.

-CBRE’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Robert Bernard.

CBRE’s path to a net-zero future

With a target to achieve net zero by 2040, CBRE recognised that conventional methods to reduce emissions fell short, so sought a strategic partner to help achieve these ambitious sustainability goals.

Read the full case study below.

The Challenge

CBRE is driven by its 2040 Net Zero commitment. 

Having a spend-based understanding of their Scope 3 purchasing emissions already, CBRE needed an approach that could:

  • Engage suppliers of all sustainability maturities and gain primary data
  • Empower procurement and suppliers to make low-carbon decisions
  • Increase the accuracy of CBRE’s  carbon accounts, as well as those of their clients and suppliers.

Partnering with Emitwise

Emitwise emerged as the ideal partner for CBRE, offering a comprehensive carbon management platform.

The collaborative development of the Procurewise module marked a turning point in CBRE’s supplier engagement strategy.

Procurewise: Elevating Supplier Engagement

Procurewise’s adaptability to suppliers’ carbon maturity levels and its automated calculation engine enabled CBRE to engage and onboard 1,500 suppliers within a year, with plans for more.

Empowering Suppliers, Advancing CBRE’s Goals

Procurewise’s approach made carbon calculation accessible, offering new suppliers a no-cost entry point and a way for mature suppliers to verify emissions data.

This levelled the playing field and aligned suppliers with CBRE’s decarbonisation journey.

Impact and Future Vision

Within just 12 months of launching their new initiative, CBRE successfully onboarded 1,500 suppliers, marking a significant stride in their journey to net zero.

Beyond decarbonisation targets, CBRE is using this program to offer clients transparency in the supply chain, more accurate emissions data, and the ability to influence and differentiate CBRE within the real estate market.

This demonstrates the possibility of decoupling business growth from emissions produced for a profitable net zero strategy.

Why do companies prioritise supply chain reductions?

The carbon management platform that makes net zero possible