Make net zero a possibility.

With public pledges to decarbonise, increased scrutiny over carbon accounts and growing customer expectations regarding sustainability, staying ahead of the curve and diving deep into Scope 3 emissions is fast becoming a necessity. So, how does digging deep into your value chain emissions help your business?


Confident Compliance

Financial-grade carbon accounting applied to Scope 3 emissions provides auditability assurance by minimising risks from blindspots.


Strategic Decision Making

With detailed insights into Scope 3 emissions, you can make informed decisions that lead to significant environmental and business benefits.


Reduce carbon

Scope 3 emissions constitute 70%+ of a company’s carbon footprint, and maximise your reduction potential by managing your supply chain effectively.

Dive Deep
into Scope 3

Understanding your carbon footprint fully means diving deeper into your Scope 3 emissions, and it’s a big deal for businesses.

This isn’t just about a quick look at your impact; it’s about getting into the finer details of how your company’s decisions impact the environment and your bottom line.

What accurate Scope 3 looks like:

Microscopic Insights:

Uncover the hidden details of your carbon footprint with data granularity that zooms into a line item level. This deeper look into your emissions can help you pinpoint exactly where they’re coming from, making it easier to determine the best ways to reduce them.

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Frequent data cycles:

Whether bi-annually, quarterly or monthly, refreshing your emissions data regularly increases the timeliness of your target tracking and decision-making.

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Complete Value Chain Perspective:

Exploration of both upstream and downstream activities generating emissions for a holistic view of your impact.

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Actionable carbon management that makes reductions a reality

Make Informed Decisions and Get Strategic Insights

Mitigate supply chain risk

Have Confidence in Your Compliance

Dig into the Scope 3 details without losing sight of the whole picture.

Granular Carbon Data Management

Emitwise will calculate complete, GHG and CSRD compliant emissions data, quality assured by carbon accountants.

You can progress to setting a target safe in the knowledge that your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are calculated at a line item granularity, using the most accurate calculation methodology your data allows, in a seamlessly repeatable way.

Audit ready calculations

Carbon accounts are facing increasing scrutiny, which is why our calculation engine is transparent and fully auditable, with open methodologies and clear audit trails from data in to calculation out.

Your dedicated Carbon Accounting Lead can provide up to 25 hours of auditing support.

Quarterly quality assured results

The machine learning software calculating your emissions was trained by real carbon accountants, but as an extra level of assurance one of our senior carbon accountants will quality assure your emissions calculations quarterly to ensure confidence in your carbon footprint.


Downstream Emissions Modelling

Understand and act on your entire value chain with unique downstream modelling for your business activities. 

And ensure holistic management of your entire carbon footprint without the blind spots.

A glimpse at your supply chain alignment

Included in our expert offering is the screening of up to 100 of your material suppliers. This analysis allows you to understand the climate maturity of your supply chain and how their current decarbonisation ambitions align with your own.

Custom dashboards and filters

Creating continuing buy-in from across the company to achieve your reduction targets requires storytelling; often, visualisations can speak a thousand words. So, tailor your data visualisation and reporting with customisable dashboards.

Our data can also be easily exported and plugged into company-wide visualisation tools like PowerBi too.

Streamlined data collection

With data collection often perceived as the heavy-lifting part of carbon accounting, we’ve created our tools to make it simple and seamless so it doesn’t get in the way of your climate action.

Plus, we support up to 3 integrations with other software to remove any burden at all.

Support Is Never Far Away

Availability: Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm support via phone, email, or live chat.

Personalised Assistance: Dedicated Account Manager, Carbon Accounting Analyst and Carbon Accounting Lead.

Inclusive Support: Technical implementation support, status updates, platform walk-throughs, and data quality improvement workshops.

All Other Features:

  • Gap analysis modelling
  • Emissions Calculations Report
  • Auditable data
  • Export data to analyse or visualise in other tools
  • Use the data to report in line with SECR, TCFD, ISSB, CSRD, SEC and the CDP
  • Support submitting your CDP report
  • Methodology report
  • ESRS1 report (available from Q125)

Make net zero possible

Emitwise Expert Package: From $28,000 p/a

(10% off if you sign by the end of May 2024.)

Pregis logo

Pregis’ Scope 3 focus turned ambition into action.

Pregis, a leader in the packaging industry, stood at a crossroads in 2020. They were eager to transform their sustainability vision into reality, especially with eco-conscious clients like Walmart setting high expectations.

But the challenge was substantial: How to navigate the complexities of reducing operation and supply chain emissions in an accurate, measurable and transparent way?

The story so far

The Challenge

Pregis recognised that achieving real sustainability impact meant tackling their Scope 3 emissions – the indirect emissions that are often the most elusive yet substantial part of a company’s carbon footprint.

Needing a solution that could not only accurately track these complex emissions but also provide both a complete picture and a granular microscopic view to enable decision-making at every level.

The search for a solution

In their quest, Pregis looked for a platform that could meet three critical needs:

Seamless Integration: A system that could smoothly align with their existing setup, streamlining the data collection process.

Scope 3 Precision: A tool proficient in pinpointing and accounting for the intricate details of Scope 3 emissions, ensuring no aspect of their environmental impact was overlooked.

Progress Tracking and Reporting: The capability to monitor progress towards sustainability targets and simplify the reporting process to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

The right fit

Emitwise emerged as the ideal partner for Pregis. It offered an all-in-one carbon management platform that addressed each of Pregis’ specific requirements.

By harnessing Emitwise’s capabilities, Pregis could finally confidently navigate the complex waters of Scope 3 emissions.

Turning goals into reality

With Emitwise’s platform, Pregis could set ambitious reduction targets and track their progress towards them accurately.

The tool didn’t just provide numbers; it offered clarity and insights, enabling Pregis to continuously report its sustainability achievements effectively.

This new level of precision and ease in managing emissions data marked a turning point for Pregis, propelling them towards their goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 25% by 2030.

Leading by example

Pregis’ story is a testament to the power of the right tools in transforming sustainability goals from vision to reality.

By partnering with Emitwise, Pregis not only advanced its own environmental objectives but is also on track to set a new sustainability benchmark in the packaging industry.

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