Accounting for climate in packaging

Accounting for climate in packaging

Clint Smith, Senior Director of Sustainability at Pregis and Mauro Cozzi, CEO of Emitwise, share their thoughts on the importance of complete carbon accounting.

As a packaging company going above and beyond to reduce their carbon emissions, Pregis joined the Climate Pledge earlier this year, committing to achieve net zero by 2040. This article demonstrates that they also understand the importance of complete carbon accounting that includes accurate carbon measuring, reporting and tracking emissions throughout their value chain.

“Up to 90% of the carbon footprint of packaging is caused by entities beyond the direct control of firms. These Scope 3 emissions may be produced by suppliers and customers well before the packaging format product has been developed or after it has been used by the customer. However, to meet the new demanding expectations of a carbon literate consumer base, firms must now go beyond Scope 1 and 2 emissions to measure the true environmental impact of packaging – from cradle to grave.”

This article also discusses how precise data on emissions can increase trust between companies, developing a competitive advantage that benefits both businesses.

“By collaborating with partners across the supply chain, there are many opportunities to co-develop solutions to drive efficiency – from sharing materials, or machinery, or transport. Collaboration, underpinned by data, unlocks opportunities for sustainability and efficiency. “

We are pleased to be supporting Pregis with a platform that enables accurate carbon data to be embedded into decision making across the business, thereby accelerating their ability to take climate action.

You can read the full article in Sustainable Packaging News.