Emissions management is a competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with companies at a similar point in their sustainability journey. Their key focus has been establishing an accurate emissions baseline to share and report with. Having emissions data at their fingertips has won them business and elevated them to the preferred supplier position.

What’s needed for stakeholder-approved carbon accounting?

To ensure your emissions data meets customer, investor and public scrutiny, you need to be able to:

Easily share your carbon footprint:

Whether for customers, investors or tenders, being able to share your emissions quickly showcases your commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Demonstrate the complete view:

Establish best practice foundations for your decarbonisation journey with complete Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions inventories that remove blindspots from your calculations.

Standardised methodology for compliance:

Your emissions data should adhere to standard regulatory reporting requirements, so that you and your customer’s can report in confidence.

Set Ambitious Targets:

Go beyond calculating emissions and set reduction targets that help you achieve decarbonisation milestones in line with your customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Effortlessly collect data:

All of the above is only possible with smooth, reliable, and repeatable data collection processes, so you’ll need a way to streamline and replicate tasks efficiently across your team.

Unlock stakeholder confidence with Emitwise

Exceed Stakeholder Expectations

Benefit from Expert Support

Quality Assured Carbon Accounts

Manage emissions the right way from the start

Best practice accounting foundations

Set the groundwork for your decarbonisation strategy with a complete view of  the emissions generated by your company’s operation and supply chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions). Remove the blindspots from your emissions inventory.

Easy to manage data collection

Streamline the gathering and organisation of your emissions data with our intuitive tools, designed for ease of use and repeatability.

Annual Quality-Assured Calculations

Real carbon accountants trained the machine learning software to calculate your emissions. As an extra level of assurance, one of our carbon accountants will quality-assure your emissions calculation once a year to ensure confidence in your carbon footprint.

Visualise and share your carbon accounts

Utilise advanced visualisation tools to effectively communicate your carbon footprint, alongside your plans to reduce it, in a way that every boardroom and stakeholder understands.

Set And Track Reduction Targets

Define and monitor your emission reduction objectives with ease, using our platform to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

Support Is Never Far Away

Availability: Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm support via phone, email, or live chat.

Personalised Assistance: Dedicated Account Manager and Carbon Accounting Lead.

Inclusive Support: Technical implementation support, status updates, platform walk-throughs, and data quality improvement workshop.

Other essential features included

  • Gap analysis modelling 
  • Emissions Calculations Report 
  • Auditable data 
  • Export data to analyse or visualise in other tools
  • Use the data to report in line with SECR, TCFD, ISSB, CSRD, SEC and the CDP
  • Methodology report 

Take the tried and tested next step…

Emitwise’s Essentials Package: From $9,000 p/a

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Customer story: Exceeding Expectations

Participants in CBRE’s supply chain decarbonisation programme, Menzies, didn’t just want to tick boxes. Instead, they took the next step with Emitwise to:

  • Develop a complete Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon inventory
  • Establish a repeatable and easy-to-complete data collection process
  • Identify carbon hotspots and set realistic reduction targets to monitor reduction progress
  • Confidently and simply share quality-assured emissions calculations with customers and stakeholders
  • Using data to drive decision-making across the company to reduce emissions

The ROI of Sustainability

Mitigate Regulatory Risk

“Before Emitwise, we had virtually zero visibility into our carbon footprint or impact. Now, we have the ability to measure exactly where our biggest hotspots are. We’re able to make the changes that have the greatest impact.”

Boost Reputation

“Emitwise is our single source of truth that shows our executive board, investors, and other stakeholders that we take cutting our emissions seriously. Working with the best solution out there gives us this credibility in these conversations.”

Won £100m+ contract

“Emitwise is winning us work when it comes to bidding and tendering processes. Setting sustainability targets used to be a nice-to-have, but now it’s a mandatory requirement to get through the final stages of winning big contracts.”